From Sicily, a selection of preserves made with the chef’s delights

In your own home as in the restaurant

We have selected the products and recipes that for over 20 years we serve in our restaurant. They are the highest quality products – mainly Sicilian – selected and prepared to delight our chef, ready to serve and to be enjoyed at home.


Godchef preserves are the proud result of two years of passionate and diligent research. We did not stop working on the recipes until the home experience was identical to that of our restaurant. An experience that words alone cannot describe: it has to be tasted!


Side dishes

The flavour of caponata takes us Sicilians back in time to when families were numerous and used to gather together for Sunday lunch. Mothers and grandmothers would serve the caponata together with the second course, or just on its own with hunks of homemade bread.


Second courses

The traditional caponata with the addition of tuna or swordfish becomes a second course or, if
served with hunks of homemade bread, a main course with a Mediterranean flavour.


Condiments and spreads

As a garnish for main courses of meat or fish, or simply spread on toasted bread, Godchef’s “sauces” give a modern touch to traditional Sicilian cuisine, enriching and enhancing classical flavours.


Pasta sauces

At least once a day, we Italians cannot refuse a good dish of pasta. The sauces that we propose are chef Giovanni’s masterpieces. All you have to do is to cook some good quality durum wheat pasta, drain it “al dente”, mix it in a pan with the contents of one of our sauce jars and a little of the pasta water, and serve immediately: you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in a first rate Italian restaurant.

And more still

When we completed our range of homemade preserves we realized that our client’s table was still not quite ready. For a good meal to be savored at its best, it must be enhanced with extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by a good wine and concluded with an Italian espresso.

Sicilian excellence


Sicilian cuisine is only at its best when it is served with extra virgin olive oil.
We have chosen to accompany our preserves with certified D.O.P. Mount Etna oil, derived exclusively from Sicilian olives and primarily from the Nocellara olives of Mount Etna. Its fruity and slightly spicy flavor makes it a perfect garnish not only for our sauces but also for fish and meat dishes and for salads.

Sicilian excellence

The Coffee

With the invention of the moka in 1933, coffee consumption in Italy has developed its own unique tradition. Italian “espresso” coffee can be drunk in the morning after breakfast or even on an empty stomach before going to work, and it is the obvious conclusion to any respectable Italian meal.

Godchef & Antica Marina

Godchef was born from the experience of Osteria Antica Marina, engaged for over 20 years in traditional Sicilian catering