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We have selected the products and recipes that for over 20 years we serve in our restaurant. They are the highest quality products - mainly Sicilian - selected and prepared to delight our chef, ready to serve and to be enjoyed at home.

Special offer:


6 different boxes chosen by customers with 6 free bottles of Monte Etna DOP extra virgin olive oil (250ml).

Swordfish Caponata

Aubergine and swordfish Caponata

Traditional Caponata

Traditional aubergine Caponata


Sweet and sour onion sauce


Sauce for roasted meat or fish with anchovies and capers

Products on sale:

  • jars of traditional caponata (290g)
  • jars of swordfish caponata (290g)
  • jars of Eolian sauce (290g)
  • jars of onion sauce "Cipuddata" (290g)


Boxes of 6 jars


Delivery within 5 working days.



3% discount with prepayment.

IBAN IT 55F0708084070000000030191



For example:


2 boxes of traditional caponata (€ 69,00)

2 boxes of swordfish caponata (€ 78,00)

1 box of Eolian sauce (€ 39,00)

1 box of onion sauce "Cipuddata" (€ 33,00)

Shipping fees for Germany (€ 55,00)


6 FREE bottles of Monte Etna DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (€ 27,00).


Total: € 274,00.

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Certified by Board of Control authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

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